With all the lovely sunshine much of the country has been experiencing this summer, solar generators are certainly clocking up the kilowatts.

Many businesses and public sector premises with on-site solar photovoltaic (PV) have also been reaping the benefits, reducing or even eliminating the costs associated with importing grid energy – while at the same time cutting carbon emissions.

The most common barriers

But some organisations are not convinced solar is for them.

This could be due to belief that you can only install solar if you have upfront funding available. Or thinking it’s too expensive. Or your premises are unsuitable due to a lack of roof space or being rented. Or even that the British weather’s just too unpredictable…

These common "myths" are explored and debunked in our latest webinars, which look at the most recent developments and the evolving business case for solar PV.

A choice of commercial business or public sector webinar

The circumstances, questions and concerns of commercial businesses often differ to those of public sector organisations. So to address both, our experts have recorded two different webinars, both of which are less than 45 minutes.

Hundreds of participants registered to join us live in July. And now the recordings are available to access for free.

You can choose from:

  • The Key to Solar Success, where solar PV expert Graham Provest and Molly Lempriere, Deputy Editor at Solar Power Portal, look at the latest business benefits, explore key drivers in the market, dispel popular myths and provide practical advice on how to secure buy-in for a project.

Watch "The Key to Solar Success" below:


  • Why solar is a no-brainer for supporting public sector net zero targets, where Graham Provest and public sector specialist Gareth Metcalf look at how solar fits into a net zero strategy, sharing award-winning examples of projects that deliver both significant carbon and cost savings. They also debunk common myths that can act as a barrier to experiencing the benefits of solar, and look at ways to finance solar installations where no upfront capital is available.

Watch "Why solar is a no-brainer for supporting public sector Net Zero targets" below:

And if you need any help or advice on solar PV or your net zero strategy, please contact us via info@npowerbusinesssolutions.com

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