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Sustainability information available

Since 2004, E.ON has published an annual sustainability report. This report provides comprehensive information about our approach to sustainability management, the measures we implement and the progress we made that year.

If you’ve read this report but would like to request more information, please email us at and ensure that you provide the required details below:

First name
Last name
Email address
Phone number
First line of your address
Name of organisation/company (if applicable)
Details of your request

Once we’ve received your request via email, our I&C Regulation, Policy and Compliance Team will contact you within 20 working days, either with the information or an update.


Information requests by post

If you prefer postal requests, please write to the below address. This should be clearly marked as an information request under the Environmental Information Regulations.

FTAO I&C Head of Regulation, Policy and Compliance, Floor 3B, Prince’s Way, Solihull, B91 3ES.


Important guidance on information requests

Please note a few key things we’ll consider when handling your information requests:

  • Whether you’ve provided sufficient detail to complete the request

  • Whether the requested information is disclosable to you

Please note that we’re entitled to charge you for any reasonable costs we’ve incurred in providing the requested information, including:

  • £25 per hour for employee time spent dealing with the request

  • 10p for every printed page plus postage costs if physical copies are requested

  • If the request is likely to take significant time to resolve, then payment may be required in advance

  • Charges (other than printing and postage costs where relevant) will be waived if the request takes less than one hour to resolve

Where we incur reasonable costs in handling your request, we’ll require payment in advance of providing you with the information. Unfortunately, we will be unable to provide the information until cleared funds have been received. Where we consider it unreasonable to charge you, then the costs will be waived, and we will happily advise you that this is the case.

We’re open:

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