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Managing business utility connections can be a bit of a headache. Sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start.

But in today’s competitive world, you need to get the essentials in place quickly - and you simply can’t afford to let inefficient processes slow you down. 

When it comes to new energy connections, we’ve put in the hard work so you don’t have to. We’ve used our industry relationships and experience to develop processes that will help you get your business connected to gas and electricity supply in a straightforward and efficient way.


Drawing on wide-ranging expertise and technical skills, our UK-wide team has condensed the industry standard 15-20 day meter installation time-scale to just five working days for electricity*, where required. 


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We Offer:

  • one of the fastest electricity meter installations on the market
  • an account manager for extra reliability and effective communication
  • free first installation for standard meters
  • free replacement of faulty meters

*Power in five days is based on availability and subject to additional cost. Connections will be five working days from contract agreement.

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Get in touch with our New Connections team and tell us more about your site, business and energy requirements

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Review your project plan

Your dedicated account manager will provide you with a full timeline of your meter connection project, for full visibility at every step. 

For larger sites, we will create a bespoke project plan. For smaller and single meter sites, there is the opportunity to tailor our offering to meet specific requirements. No matter what size your project, you can expect excellent customer service and a quotation based on your real needs. 


Rest assured - it’s all taken care of

Once terms have been agreed, you can get on with managing your other priorities. We’ll keep you fully informed of progress and your reliable, competitively priced energy supply will be connected quickly, without hassle or unnecessary delay.

How long will it take to get my business connected?

Connection of electricity meters normally takes up to 15 working days.

Gas meters can take between five and ten working days, but it might be a little longer for larger gas supply capacity. 

Where required, our ‘Power in 5’ service can provide you with electricity supply in just five working days from contract agreement. It’s one of the fastest service on the market.*

*Power in five days is based on availability and subject to additional cost. Connections will be five working days from contract agreement.

How do I know if my site is ready for a meter installation?

As soon as you know you need a new energy connection, please get in touch. We can help you complete a thorough readiness check to ensure all the necessary infrastructure and cabling is in place, as well as the paperwork you’ll need to complete with your Distribution Network Operator (DNO) before the meter is installed. 

Thanks to their extensive energy expertise, your Account Manager will be able to help you identify what you need for your energy supply, based on your site, energy requirements, and the type of business you’re connecting. They’ll also let you know if there’s anything else you need to do before connection of your supply can be arranged.

Once we’re sure everything else is taken care of, we can prepare a supply agreement. 

After the terms have been agreed, we’ll register your new connection via your Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN) for electricity, or Meter Point Registration Number (MPRN) for gas. 

What happens during meter installation?

For half-hourly (HH) electricity meters, a meter operator (MOP), data collector (DC) and data aggregator (DA) will need to be appointed. Your Account Manager will explain how to do this and walk you through your options.

It’s worth knowing that, as one of the few major energy providers accredited as a meter agent by Elexon, we can also act as your MOP, DC and DA if you would like us to. It’s just one more way to keep things simple.

On the agreed day, a meter specialist will attend your site to install the meter. Before starting, we’ll double check that an electrician or gas engineer has already installed crucial components, such as a mains switch or isolator, and that the necessary pipework is in place. 

In some cases, your local Distribution Network Operator (DNO) may need to complete some work before we get started, but don’t worry – your Account Manager will let you know exactly what is required, and from whom, before starting the process. 

Once we’ve installed the meter, the connection will usually be live on the same day, allowing you to use electricity or gas right away. 

What are your top tips for a successful meter installation?

The most important thing you can do to ensure everything runs smoothly is get in touch with us as soon as you know you need a new gas or electricity connection. That way, we can help you get everything properly lined up and avoid any unnecessary delays.

Gathering the correct information is key for a successful new connection. Your Account Manager will walk through the technical aspects you might need to familiarise yourself with, but feel free to ask any questions you might have. This will help us deliver the fastest, most efficient service we possibly can. 

It’s also important to have a contingency plan, in case anything out of your control impacts your plans. For example, what happens if there is a construction problem and operators can’t access the site? We advise that you prepare in advance and start the process of planning a new energy connection ahead of schedule if possible.

Remember, if any emergency should arise, our ‘Power in 5’* service means we can provide a fast-track service to connect your business in as fast as five working days.

For any question or concern, you can always call on your Account Manager. Other suppliers will assist with certain elements of the new connection process - our Account Managers are here to support you at every step. 

Finally, why not use the new meter installation period as a moment to reflect on your energy efficiency plans? Or ensure you have the tools to monitor and optimise energy consumption in place from day one? Ask your Account Manager about our range of measurement and tracking tools and future-proof your business today.

Our dedicated New Connections team has been working with businesses for more than two decades, and connects, on average, over 1,000 meters annually. We’re incredibly proud of the service they provide. Discover what makes it so different, in our 2 minute video.

Read our top tips for a successful new connection

Cut through complexity and avoid unwanted delays with our expert advice for a fast and efficient electricity or gas connection.

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Power on in 5

If your business urgently needs a new electricity connection, we can arrange your supply contract, install the meter and ensure you have electricity in just five working days.*

(*Power in five days is based on availability and subject to additional cost. Connections will be five working days from contract agreement.)

Get in touch

When you work with npower Business Solutions, we’ll assign you a New Connections Specialist who will oversee the entire process, to help make sure everything runs smoothly.

Together with your Account Manager, they will work with you to gather all the necessary information about what’s required to connect your business. 

Your Account Manager will also be on hand during each step of the installation process, to make sure you understand your options and ensure the terms of agreement are clear.

They’ll also check in with you two days before the meter installation to ensure everything is ready and help you avoid last-minute delays.

For more information on new electricity and gas connections or to take the first step to getting your business connected, please get in touch with a member of our team.


“We’ve worked hard to identify all the key milestones and simplify the process to ensure each business customer gets a new connection delivered safely, to required specifications, on time and to budget.”

Jamie Roche
Business Development Manager
npower Business Solutions


Case study: providing a fast connection for Regent Homes

Regent Homes chose npower Business Solutions for a connection and temporary power supply while building some new houses in Nottinghamshire.

Operations Director John Statham explains why Regent Homes made the choice to use our services:, “After contacting our usual business supplier and several others, all of whom were working to a ten-week lead time, we decided to see if npower Business Solutions could help us.”

Account Manager Chris Bradbrook, from the New Connections team, handled John’s enquiry. “Chris was absolutely fantastic,” says John. “Within two weeks of contacting him, the meter was installed, supply was live and everything was sorted.”

The Local Distribution Network Operator (DNO) had already converted the existing supply at the site from an overground to an underground cable and increased supply capacity, then installed individual feeds to each of the new properties being built. npower Business Solutions then arranged the meters Regent Homes required and set up a temporary power supply. 

“We offered our Fixed-Certainty supply contract, where both commodity and non-commodity costs are fixed, so Regent Homes had a guaranteed rate and knew exactly what they were paying,” explains Chris. Once the building work was complete, Chris arranged for a disconnection, awaiting transfer of supply to the new residents. 

“We received a great end-to-end service from Chris and npower Business Solutions,” says John. “You don’t seem to get that kind of help from other suppliers. We found Chris a real pleasure to deal with and he delivered everything we wanted. I would certainly recommend npower Business Solutions and will be working with them again on future projects.”

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