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Flex Portfolio Solutions

Energy trading, made easy

Flex Portfolio Solutions from npower Business Solutions has been designed to give your customers a level of purchasing flexibility that suits their energy management objectives, along with a level of support that suits their expertise, time constraints and internal resources.


Why choose Flex Portfolio Solutions ?

Each of your customers will come to you with a different set of requirements. Flex Portfolio Solutions allows you to choose from a range of trading options, along with hands-on support to help you and your customers save valuable time. Flex Portfolio Solutions is available for gas and power customers on our Flex Streamline, Fast Flex, Flex Innovate or MultiPurchase contracts.

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Adalta Energy always finds the Optimisation Desk to be professional, knowledgeable, and efficient. 
The price transparency and price quality provided by the Desk is second to none and is a true differentiator between suppliers.

— Tom Butler, Founder and Managing Director

Simply select one of three trading options, depending on whether you wish to hedge independently or if you wish to have a dedicated Portfolio Manager make hedging decisions on your behalf based on calculated risk assessments, within predefined limits.

Next, select one of three support options, depending on the level and frequency of the support you require – from quick insight into market fluctuations, to daily updates and regular check-in calls.

During the whole process, you can take advantage of the expertise of our award winning optimisation desk. This is a specialist, dedicated expert team who can offer market know-how and guidance to help you manage your energy position and spot opportunities. The team will provide market intelligence and risk management, as well as help you define and review a successful hedging strategy.

Learn how Flex Portfolio Solutions helped Metroline move to a fully flexible contract to better manage their volume risk exposure.



A dedicated Portfolio Manager will hedge your customer’s position in line with a pre-agreed strategy, based on calculated risk assessments. 

  • Strategy consultation
  • Strategy design service
  • Securing volume for your flex contract is only done  within the bounds of time/volume channels 


Suggested if you:

  • don’t have the time or expertise to make your own hedging decisions
  • want expert help to create an individual energy hedging  strategy for your customers
  • prefer to authorise our dedicated team of market experts to hedge within your pre defined limits to mitigate risk exposures
  • have a portfolio of small and medium customers and wish to acquire a more complex customer portfolio



A dedicated Portfolio Manager will oversee your hedging strategy 

  • Strategy consultation
  • Strategy design service
  • You will be asked for approval before each hedging decision
  • You can override the portfolio manager’s strategy and decisions at any time


Suggested if you:

  • have a good understanding of the energy market 
  • don’t have enough time to make your own hedging decisions based on calculated risk assessments.
  • want expert help to create an individual hedging strategy for your customers 
  • wish to delegate some responsibilities to energy market experts while retaining control of budget/decisions
  • want to use your understanding of the energy market to inform your customers’ hedging  strategy



You have full control of budget and trading decisions

  • Strategy consultation
  • Strategy design service
  • Full Optimisation Desk offering




Suggested if you:

  • have a comprehensive understanding of energy markets 
  • want expert input to create an individual energy hedging strategy for your customers
  • need full control of budget/decisions
  • don’t have time to constantly monitor the market, but want to be informed of key market intelligence to help you know when is the best time to secure volume against your customers contract 
  • want to use your understanding of the energy market to inform your customers’ strategy and hedge  successfully

Silver Gold Platinum
Dedicated Portfolio Manager
Risk Navigator access
Strategy consultation and design
Market calls 1/ Month 2/ Month Weekly
Performance reports Quarterly Quarterly Monthly
Risk and hedging review 1 a year 2 a year 4 a year
Daily market reports Via email, including Outlook* Via email, including Outlook*
Weekly position and value at risk reports
Bespoke reporting/services


- know the energy market well enough to hedge  successfully with minimal support

- want to stay up to date with key energy market trends, without too many calls and notifications

- want risk management tools you can consult on your own, at any time

- need tools to review your strategy


- need a moderate level of support and advice to hedge successfully 

- like to be fully informed of the market's fluctuations, ideally with daily updates

- need tools to frequently monitor risk, including tools you can use on your own, at any time

- need tools to frequently review your strategy


- wish to receive the highest level of support to minimise risk and hedge  successfully

- need daily reports with the latest market information, and frequent in-depth market updates

- need tools to frequently monitor risk, including tools you can use on your own, at any time

- need tools to frequently review your strategy

- have complex energy needs and need to monitor specific parameters through bespoke services

Please note that all the product options are subject to our terms and conditions and the options do not include financial advice.

Due to the fact that energy markets fluctuate on a daily and intraday basis, no guarantee can be made that the best prices will be delivered, but the options available may help customers to plan, mitigate their risk exposure, and optimise their outcomes.

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