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Empowering energy generators

Superior service meets digitised efficiency

Today’s energy environment is constantly changing. As an energy generator, you need an expert partner that can guide and support your generation demands.

Say goodbye to poor service and complex admin management, and hello to superior service and digitised efficiency.

With our dedicated team of generation experts and powerful Energy Generators platform to help oversee your portfolio, we’re just as invested in your energy generation as you are.

Administer energy generation with ease

When exporting generated energy, do you feel frustrated by:

  • Managing multiple sites with differing documents?
  • A lack of transparency?
  • Slow responses to queries?
  • Delays caused by contract and statement mistakes?
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Our Energy Generators platform provides you with everything your business needs to digitally manage your generated energy, all from one easy-to-use system.

  • bullet5Quickly submit generation forecasts
  • bullet6Receive statements and raise invoices to match
  • bullet7Find statements, payments and charges fast
  • bullet8Raise queries directly with our Generation Services team

PPAs - fixed or flexible?

With a choice of different buying and selling structures available, we can help find the right Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for your business.

Budget certainty with fixed PPAs

  • Upfront, guaranteed price
  • Straightforward income stream
  • Regular, reliable payments
  • Prices typically agreed for 6 - 36 months
  • Simple to manage with a dedicated account manager

Dedicated flexible PPA

  • Gives you greater control
  • Flexibility around timing and the volume of power you choose to sell
  • Real-time guidance from Optimisation Desk & Risk Navigator
  • Capitalise on price peaks and high demand
  • Easy to manage with a dedicated account manager

Looking for other PPA options?


Trade volume on the N2EX day-ahead auction, delivering a daily average price for both base-load and peak-load. Benefit from a lower Imbalance Premium, no annual reconciliations and no volume tolerance restrictions for intermittent technologies like wind and solar.

System Sell Price PPA

The option best suited to generation with sporadic output, or newly commissioned plant. With the usual forecasting requirement removed and no additional balance or volume-related fees, you have greater flexibility around the volume you generate, so they don’t incur any penalties for under or over generation.

Strategy and trading support

If you are new to the market or short of time, take advantage of expert support from our Optimisation Desk. Learn how to navigate the complexities of the wholesale energy market, with insight and recommendations on how to best mitigate risk and capitalise on opportunities.

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Managing ROCs and REGOs

We can also deal with the allocation and sale of any Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs) and Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin certificates (REGOs), should you need us to.

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Net zero solutions

However ambitious your decarbonisation goals, we can help you plot your path to net zero.

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Energy Generators knowledge hub

In our dedicated knowledge hub, you’ll find everything you need to help optimise and refine your approach to energy generation.

  • bullet1Informative blogs on the latest energy generation technology, trends and topics
  • bullet2Best practice information on getting started as a generator
  • bullet3Insightful webinars to unlock new opportunities
  • bullet4Explainer content on how the PPA process works
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nBS has become one of our key portfolio partners. Key to this relationship is the level of service, from sales and trade execution via the Optimisation Desk, to payments by the Settlements team. The process is embedded, and nBS can be trusted to deliver the value expected by Infinis.

Jon Crouch, Head of Commercial Development at Infinis


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10 reasons to choose nBS

  • 1Technology-agnostic approach, working with all export power sources
  • 2Range of highly flexible selling options
  • 3Prompt payments
  • 4Account longevity and stability, as part of the wider E.ON Group
  • 5Award-winning Optimisation Desk, for real-time guidance on the wholesale energy market
  • 6Dedicated account manager or client portfolio manager
  • 7Expert analysis and selling options via the Risk Navigator platform
  • 8Full transparency
  • 9Customer-friendly literature
  • 10Quick queries resolution

Generate up to 5MW?

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Get paid for your excess electricity with Smart Export Guarantee (SEG)

The Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) allows small-scale, low-carbon generators to earn money for any green energy exported back to the grid.

As a mandated SEG licensee, our parent company E.ON Next offers export rates starting from 3p per kWh.

If you’re a green energy generator, you could benefit from the SEG.

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