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The energy market is a dynamic and fast-changing place. Risk Navigator provides you with access to the latest market intelligence, news and analysis 24/7, plus a secure log-in to a range of bespoke reports and information about your own energy-transacting portfolio, if you buy via flexible contract. All data is thoroughly researched and prepared by our award-winning Optimisation Desk.

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Risk Navigator can help to support your energy purchasing strategy.

A tailored service to suit your needs

Risk Navigator comes with a range of features and functionality to suit your individual approach to energy transacting and requirements for market intelligence. All information is easily accessible via the Risk Navigator dashboard using a range of 'widgets'.

Market news – a library of detailed reports about the UK wholesale energy market plus Weekly Market Reports supplying a summary of the key energy market movements and economic news for the period.

Position overview – displays your open and closed positions, along with the Weighted Average Price (WAP) of these positions. Viewing options include baseload and peak positions in volume (MW) or percentage format.

Closing prices – access yesterday's closing prices and daily change data for the UK/EU power markets and their underlying fuels.

Latest deals – displays a list of your latest transactions.

Weather forecast – get up-to-date information on the forecast for the area local to your registered office for today and the next three days.

Contract summary – a summary of your contract(s) details

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