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UK Renewable energy for businesses

With net zero on the horizon, finding ways to reduce your customers emissions is more important than ever, which is why many UK businesses are opting for carbon-free supply.

At npower Business Solutions (nBS), we offer renewable energy options to suit your customer’s needs, including energy from wind, solar and hydro, as well as fully traceable renewable energy through our UK Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (CPPA). 

Make the smart choice for your customers and join the transition to a net zero future with our UK renewable energy.

UK Business Renewable

Mixture of renewable generation

With our UK Business Renewable, your customers can reduce their carbon footprint, meet their environmental goals, and report zero emissions in their Scope 2 reporting.

UK Renewable Pure

Wind, hydro and solar

If you’re looking for something more, our UK Renewable Pure is generated only from wind, hydro and solar.

UK Renewable Pure Plus

Wind, hydro and solar from a known source

Our UK Renewable Pure Plus provides additional assurance as your REGO certificates are sourced from our generation customers within the United Kingdom.

Our UK Pure Plus Generators

For every MWh of energy you use, we ensure that an equivalent amount of renewable energy is purchased from our customers who generate their own power through wind, solar, or hydro installations across the UK. 

As of August 2023, we have a portfolio of over 60 generation sites, producing circa 500 MW of renewable energy from wind, solar or hydro.


How do REGO certificates work?

Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGO) certificates provide evidence that a specific amount of electricity has been generated from renewable sources. 

We match the power your customer consumes by securing the corresponding number of REGO certificates, which are usually issued for each megawatt-hour (MWh) of renewable generation fed into the UK electricity system. UK Renewable Pure Plus REGOs are from renewable sources directly contracted with nBS and purchased along with the associated generation.


  • 100% renewable energy generated in the UK
  • Fully compliant with WRI GHG Protocol Scope 2 Guidance
  • EcoAct assurance stamp provides peace of mind that our products and processes are robust and compliant*
  • Report zero-carbon emissions without any requirement for additional evidence
  • Renewable Energy Label to display on your site
  • Available with our fixed or flexible purchasing contracts (minimum volumes apply)

*UK Renewable Pure Plus and UK CPPA will be reviewed informally by EcoAct in late 2023 as part of our annual accreditation process and will be formally included in the 2024 audit.


EcoAct assurance

The EcoAct assurance stamp gives your customers confidence that their supply is robustly backed by a sufficient amount of REGOs (from UK generation only) and can therefore be reported as zero-carbon emissions power. EcoAct carries out annual audits of our UK renewable products.

Renewable Energy Label

We will provide your customer with a Renewable Energy Label which they can display at their site to demonstrate their commitment to sourcing renewable power.

Corporate Power Purchase Agreements (CPPAs) are becoming an increasingly popular way for large businesses in the UK who don’t have generation assets of their own, to transition to pure renewable energy sources while reducing their carbon footprint. 

CPPAs also provide a stable revenue stream for renewable energy generators, which can help to fund new renewable energy projects and promote the growth of the UK renewable energy industry.

Our UK CPPA offering allows your customers to secure a long-term supply of renewable energy from wind or solar by partnering directly with the UK’s second largest power producer and third largest renewable generator, RWE.

big-Windpark Gwynt y Môr _ copy2

As the leading stakeholder in diverse assets, RWE hold the majority share of Gwynt y Mor windpark and bear the responsibility for driving successful commercialisation efforts.



You can find out more about RWE in the UK and Ireland here

RWE supplies around 12% of UK electricity with a diverse operational portfolio of onshore wind, offshore wind, hydro, biomass and gas, amounting to over 9.3GW.

With 125 years of experience, RWE is also one of the most influential participants in the renewable energy sector and a pioneer in the development, construction, operation, and ownership of utility-scale renewable energy projects around the world. With their investment and growth strategy ‘Growing Green’, RWE is expanding green generation capacity and enabling more industrial and commercial customers to access high-quality green electricity direct from the generator.

UK CPPA benefits

  • 100% renewable energy generated in the UK from wind or solar
  • A named generation source to provide full supply traceability
  • Option to secure all or a percentage of the total generation output per asset
  • Longer-term CPPA contract, which can help to protect against market volatility
  • Helps to support the growth and development of UK renewable energy generation
  • Fully compliant with World Resources Institute (WRI) Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol Scope 2 Guidance
  • Report zero-carbon emissions without any requirement for additional evidence
  • Renewable Energy Label to display on your site
  • Supported by our Flex: Innovate contract to cover any additional supply and Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGO) certificates

Our UK CPPA is available for businesses with a suggested annual volume of circa 50 GWh+ and HH metering.

Name UK Business Renewable UK Renewable Pure UK Renewable Pure Plus UK CPPA
Description UK renewable supply backed by REGOs from a 100% renewable source UK renewable supply backed by REGOs from wind, hydro and solar only UK renewable supply backed by REGOs from UK wind, hydro and solar sourced alongside the power Fully traceable UK generated energy from wind or solar
Renewable energy generated in the UK
EcoAct assured Due for accreditation in 2023 Due for accreditation in 2023
Fully compliant with WRI GHG Protocol Scope 2 Guidance
Energy Label to display onsite
Generation source UK mix UK wind, solar and hydro UK wind, hydro, solar from a known source UK wind or solar
Minimum contract length 1 year 1 year 1 year 7 years
Minimal annual volume N/A 10 GWh 10 GWh 50 GWh

Find out how we can support your business’s sustainability targets with our UK renewable energy 

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