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Plot a path through the complexities of net zero

We’ll help you identify and implement the actions with maximum impact on emissions, plotting a clear path to net zero.

Corporate New Zero
Visualise the path

Visualise the path you will take

Get complete visibility of your customers’ energy use with accurate metering and Intelligent Analytics, empowering you to help them make practical plans for the path ahead.

Optimise your energy

Optimise your energy use

Help customers rethink consumption and their relationship with the grid, by optimising their use of Demand Side Response and energy management technology.

Decarbonise for a better future

Decarbonise for a better future

Help customers make the move to renewable supply and explore the benefits of onsite generation, battery storage and electric fleets, while engaging their supply chain to maximise the impact of net zero activity.

The UK commitment

The UK has committed to reducing carbon emissions by 100% (based on 1990 levels) by 2050 – and businesses have a key part to play. Many are already plotting a path to net zero, by increasing energy efficiency, investing in new technologies, exploring on-site generation or purchasing renewable supply.

We are still not clear on exactly what will be expected of businesses, or by when. But while many questions remain unanswered, particularly around the decarbonisation of heat, and technologies like carbon capture and storage (CCS) need more time to develop, there are plenty of actions that businesses can take right now.

We have a growing library of net zero resources you may find helpful. We also offer a range of services to help you on your net zero journey.

Read our essential guide to net zero funding to find out more about how npower Business Solutions explores renewable funding opportunities and green energy grants to help your business take its next steps towards net zero.

With net zero on the horizon, finding ways to reduce your customers emissions is more important than ever, find out more about UK Renewable energy for businesses

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Using our Net Zero Calculator is simple: just a few guided questions, which calculate and display a carbon and cost forecast, plus the option to save in progress-work at any time.

Net Zero Calculator

Save on energy costs

Energy can account for around 40% of a building’s overall running costs over a lifetime. With the right systems and support, you can reduce these costs while also enhancing your business’s environmental credentials. Our systems can help you manage energy-consuming assets like lighting and temperature control more effectively. We can also advise on updating technology to maximise efficiency.

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Supporting the growth of electric vehicles

The UK is preparing to phase out new petrol/diesel vehicles by 2030. As a result, the need for electric vehicle (EV) charging is rapidly increasing. Whether for your company fleet, employee use, or for your customers and partners, the E.ON EV Team can provide bespoke EV charging solutions and also advise on the best overall EV strategy for your business.


Generating renewable energy

Moving to a renewable energy supply contract can be a useful way to enhance environmental credentials. But many businesses also consider installing generation assets on site as a way to produce their own cost-effective low and zero-carbon energy.

As part of the E.ON Group, we can offer access to a wide range of sustainable generation technologies that will give you secure supply and reduce your grid dependence as well your carbon footprint.

Solar Energy

Installing photovoltaic panels allows your business to capture the power of the sun to generate sustainable energy, while also lowering your invoices and carbon emissions

Wind Power

If you have an appropriate location, wind turbines are one of the most affordable energy solutions available, providing your business with financial savings, energy security and enhanced green credentials

Heat Pumps

Any business can generate on-site heating and hot water using sustainable technologies that extract heat directly from the ground or air

Biomass energy

A cost-effective and sustainable solution, on-site biomass units turn cheap, accessible biofuels like waste wood into energy for your business

Combined heat and power (CHP)

An on-site CHP unit enables your business to generate energy, reducing overall energy costs, lowering carbon emissions and boosting energy efficiency by capturing and reusing waste heat

Convert waste heat to energy

Trap unused heat and convert it into clean, renewable electricity using Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology that will reduce your business’s energy costs and carbon emissions

Heat and power systems

As well as CHP and biomass units, we can design, build and manage other heat and power systems including energy from waste (EfW) and combined cycle gas turbines (CCGT) plant

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Energy Tax Exemptions

Using energy from low-carbon sources can earn you exemption from the Climate Change Levy (CCL) energy tax.

Solar Panel

Sell the energy you generate

Create a new revenue stream for your business by selling any excess energy you produce.

Battery Cell

Energy optimisation

The energy landscape is changing, with more diverse and potentially intermittent renewable generation supplying the UK’s power. As a result, there are growing opportunities for businesses of all sizes to participate in the flexible solutions needed to ensure we can balance supply and demand, both nationally and locally.

The benefits of being flexible could include greater resilience for your business, and lower energy costs if you’re able to move demand away from the grid during peak times. There’s also the potential to earn revenue by selling energy back to the grid when it’s most needed.

Working in partnership with E.ON, we can help your business harness the opportunities available through on-site generation, Demand Side Response and battery storage.

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