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Mandatory metering services

If your business has Half-Hourly (HH) meters, you’ll also need to have data gathering services in place. These are required by law and governed by Ofgem, but you can choose who provides them.

Why not choose an experienced, Elexon accredited provider? As one of the few major energy providers with meter agent accreditation, you can depend on us to fulfil all your data gathering obligations.

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Meter Operator (MOP)

We can install, upgrade and maintain your metering equipment. New meters can be installed within 10 working days, or fewer with our market-leading Power on in 5 service.

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Data Collector (DC)

As an accredited Elexon provider, we can collect and validate consumption data from your HH meters – and we have an excellent track record for accuracy and service.

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Data Aggregator (DA)

We are also accredited by Elexon to carry out data aggregation services, passing your consumption data to Elexon to aggregate it for settlement purposes before it’s used by your supplier to compile accurate invoices.

To support the UK’s transition to a more responsive, low-carbon energy system, the government has mandated that all old-style traditional meters (the type found in smaller business sites and homes that require manual reads to extract consumption data) should be upgraded by June 2025.

In their place, new Automated Meter Reading (AMR) or Smart meters should be installed. These allow consumption data to be extracted electronically without having to rely on manual meter reads.

Choose an expert metering partner

With over 25 years of experience in the field, npower Business Solutions has the expertise you need to help you choose the right metering solution for your business. We can also help you implement sub-metering projects and offer the fastest installation and new connection service in the industry. Our all-inclusive metering services mean you’ll never get any nasty surprises on your invoice.

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Pinpoint cost savings

Intelligent Analytics is an easy-to-use energy management platform that lets you visualise, track and analyse your electricity and gas consumption. You can also customise features and reporting, set alarms and compare sites; to help maximise efficiencies and reduce your costs and carbon emissions.


Maximising insight

As part of the E.ON Group, we can offer customers access to sophisticated new sub-metering technologies and monitoring options.

Our market-leading monitoring systems enable you to extract real-time consumption data from specific business operations. With our online monitoring platform, your data can then be transformed into actionable insights with the power to improve energy efficiency and productivity across your organisation.

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Automated Meter Reading

Automated Meter Reading (AMR) Meters

AMR meters automatically collect HH consumption data, providing accurate insight that equips you to better manage your energy and reduce waste. Your invoices are based on actual consumption rather than estimated readings.

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Smart metering update

At the present time, we are not able to support the functionality of electricity or gas Smart metering. This means that we are currently only able to install AMR meters, which we can support and manage fully.

If you are interested in having a Smart meter installed, you can register your interest with us. By doing so, this will be on the basis that we are currently not in a position whereby we can advise you if, or when, we will be able to manage SMETS2 Smart meters in the future. However, we will of course keep you updated when we have a clearer view of what our plans will be. It is important to us that we set your expectations upfront, which is why, at the current time, we cannot specify when we will be able to manage SMETS2 Smart metering.

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Smart meter targets


Sub metering

When you have a large site, or operate multiple activities, pinpointing how and where you use energy and how best to target efficiencies can be challenging. Sub-metering enables you to monitor and target different areas individually, for example: machinery, refrigeration, lighting and temperature control. Sub-metering technology also provides access to your consumption data in real-time, rather than every half hour.

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New Meters

If you need a new energy supply for your business, we can install gas and electricity meters, with a fast-track service that can have you connected within five working days*

(*Power in five days is based on availability and subject to additional cost. Connections will be five working days from contract agreement.)


Unmetered Supplies (UMS)

If you have a piece of standalone equipment that requires power but is too small to have its own meter, such as street lighting, traffic lights or an advertising billboard, we can help to arrange power connection and supply.


Radio Teleswitch (RTS) meters

RTS meters use a device alongside your electricity meter to pick up radio signals and switch between peak and off peak times when providing your heating and hot water.

In June 2025, RTS meters will be switched off across the energy industry. This means that they will lose their functionality and no longer be operable.

If you have a RTS meter, please email us to arrange a site survey, meter exchange, or if you have any question about your meter(s).

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