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Why get a smart meter?

At npower Business Solutions (nBS) and our sister company E.ON Next, we believe upgrading all of our customers to the latest technology in metering will benefit all. This is why we support the government's objective to get a smart meter in every home and business. This will help customers budget and control when and how they use their energy. It will also be a way of helping the UK achieve its net zero target. To date we have installed over 5 million smart meters, which is a great achievement and shows our ongoing commitment. 


In June 2021, the government set a formula for calculating the number of meters each energy supplier must upgrade in 2023. That means, based on the number of E.ON Next and npower Business Solutions customers who still had old style meters at the start of 2023, we were set a challenge to upgrade 351,304 gas and 522,274 electricity meters to smart by the end of this year. A further breakdown of these targets is provided in the table below. The numbers in brackets show how we performed against each of these targets. 

We knew at the start of 2023, that it would be impossible to achieve these targets, due to the influence of market conditions, so we’re really proud of what we’ve achieved. In 2023, we saw the energy costs and the general cost of living continue to put considerable pressure on individuals and businesses and their priorities. These are unprecedented times and the effect this has had will not have been factored into the government's consideration when calculated almost three years ago.

Utility - Gas or Electric Calculated Planned Annual Target Credit Pre-payment Domestic Non-domestic
Gas 351,304 (214,364) 326,713 (186,127) 24,591 (28,237) 337,251 (212,746) 14,053 (1,618)
Electricity 522,274 (355,809) 485,715 (305,140) 36,559 (50,669) 501,383 (336,761) 20,891 (19,048)


The table below shows the 2024 meter upgrade targets for E.ON Next and npower Business Solutions. Just as with 2023, the Target Number for domestic and non-domestic gas and electricity installations is determined by the formula set by the government in June 2021 (as noted above). For our domestic customers, we break the target down to apportion it between credit and prepayment terms.

We expect many of the challenges we experienced in 2023, to continue having an impact this year. However, we believe everyone should have a smart meter, so we'll be getting in touch with those who don’t yet have one to offer them a smart meter and support them through this smart journey. Why not get yours today?

Utility - Gas or Electric Overall Annual Target Credit Pre-payment Domestic Non-domestic
Gas 284,366 221,851 52,717 274,568 9,798
Electricity 388,386 285,750 67,901 353,651 34,734

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