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The UK commitment to net zero

The UK has committed to reducing carbon emissions by 100%, based on 1990 levels, by 2050. Businesses have a key part to play, and many have already started to increase their energy efficiency, invest in new technologies, explore on-site generation, or purchase renewable supply.

We are still not clear on exactly what will be expected of businesses, or by when, however, there are plenty of steps that businesses can already take. To help in this critical stage, we have developed a growing library of net zero resources, as well as a range of services to help you on your net zero journey. 

Your starting point - the Net Zero Calculator

You cannot plan for the future without a clear picture of the present situation. To calculate your current emission levels and find out the best ways to reduce them, you can try our Net Zero Calculator

This is a user-friendly, interactive tool that helps businesses calculate their current emissions, forecast their emissions from now to 2050, and assess the impact of different green technologies in reducing their energy costs and environmental footprint. 

Using our Net Zero Calculator is simple: just answer a few guided questions and save your progress at any time. As you input your data, your carbon and cost forecasts will be calculated and displayed.

This will give you a clear starting point for your decarbonisation journey, as well as help you in your carbon reporting.


Your map for the future - Visualise, Optimise, Decarbonise

It isn't easy to plot a practical yet ambitious path to net zero, but no matter where you are on your journey, we have the tools to take you further. 

There are three key elements to your energy transition: visualising how you use energy, optimising your consumption, and decarbonising with the help of the latest technologies. 

Find out how we can support your businesses by watching our short video.

Decarbonise Optimise Visualise

Plot a path through the complexities of net zero

We’ll help you identify and implement the actions with maximum impact on emissions, plotting a clear path to net zero.

Decarbonise for a better future

Make the move to renewable supply and explore the benefits of onsite generation, battery storage and electric fleets, engaging your supply chain to maximise the impact of net zero activity.

Source and offset

Switch to our independently verified 100% zero carbon renewable electricity, so your business can report zero carbon emissions for GHG Scope 2 market-based reporting without additional evidence.

This is achieved by matching the power you consume with the equivalent volume of renewable power supplied to the grid.


Generate your own energy on-site to sustainably deliver your business objectives and boost self-sufficiency and resilience. Our technology agnostic approach puts your unique requirements first. Our experts will work closely with you to plan, design and deliver the best possible solution for your business.


Electrify your net zero journey with E.ON Drive. We can help you take your first steps into EV charging, find the ideal location for your charge points and even manage your EV project from design to installation. We’re here to support you as you contribute to the net zero infrastructure, helping you to engage your customers and employees.

Source and offset

Build energy resilience to protect your operations and decrease your reliance on the grid with innovative energy storage solutions. Employ innovative energy storage solutions to avoid peak loads and prevent disruption caused by power losses, and use stored energy to generate new revenue streams for your business.

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Optimise your energy use

Rethink consumption and your relationship with the grid, by optimising your use of demand side response and energy management technology.

Building energy management (BEM)

Optimise your on-site energy use with the help of our leading in-house BEM capability. We can remotely identify and eliminate waste, boost sustainability and minimise operational costs; allowing you to focus on what matters to your business.

Energy efficiency and behavioural change

Maximise the impact of targeted, low cost energy efficiency measures, deliver fast cost and carbon savings and improve staff engagement with your net zero activities. Become an Energy Conscious Organisation (EnCO), to boost talent acquisition and retention for now and the future.

Flexibility and demand side response

Generate revenue, reduce costs and participate in flexibility markets with the help of our in-house Virtual Power Plant (VPP) and award winning flexibility and demand side response services. Deliver value to your business and support grid balancing during the net zero transition.

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Visualise the path you will take

Get complete visibility of energy use with accurate metering and intelligent analytics, empowering you to make practical plans for the path ahead.

Analyse and understand

Use accurate metering combined with insight from E.ON’s Optimum energy platform to conduct audits and feasibility studies. Gain a complete understanding of your energy use and carbon footprint - empowering you to take your net zero plans forward.

Monitor and verify

As changes are implemented, depend on the E.ON Energy Management Centre to remotely steer your assets and monitor your net zero progress. We can provide you with accurate and verified intelligence on your cost and carbon reductions, to drive ongoing improvement.

Plan and baseline

Work with our in-house team of design engineers to plan your bespoke roadmap to net zero. Bring all of your data together and set your baseline with E.ON’s Optimum energy management platform. We can help you gain transparency and manage insights, to enable deeper cuts to costs and carbon.

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Which measures work for your business


Wind Turbine

Generate on site renewable power


Solar Panels

Generate on site renewable power



Provide electric vehicle charging for employees and customers



Store renewable energy for resilience or participation in flexibility markets


Air source heat pump

Generate sustainable heat



Provide efficient energy with a combined heat and power plant



Switch to LED lighting


Ground source heat pump

Generate sustainable heat

Extra information revealed under the targets.


Saving on energy costs

Energy can account for around 40% of a building’s running costs over its lifetime. But with the right tools, you can reduce these costs while enhancing your business’ environmental credentials. We can help you manage assets like lighting and temperature control, or advise on updating technology to maximise its efficiency.


Supporting the growth of electric vehicles

The UK is preparing to phase out petrol/diesel vehicles by 2030, so the need for electric vehicle (EV) charging is rapidly increasing. The E.ON EV Team can provide bespoke EV charging solutions for your company fleet – for employees, customers or partners – and advise on the best EV strategy.


Generating renewable energy

A renewable energy supply contract can enhance environmental credentials, but many businesses are also considering on-site generation to produce low and zero-carbon energy in a cost-effective way. As part of the E.ON Group, we offer sustainable generation technologies that ensure secure supply, reduce grid dependence, and minimise emissions.

Solar Energy

Installing photovoltaic panels allows your business to capture the power of the sun to generate sustainable energy, while also lowering your invoices and carbon emissions.

Wind Power

In an appropriate location, wind turbines are one of the most affordable energy solutions available, providing financial savings, energy security and enhanced green credentials.

Heat Pumps

Any business can generate on-site heating and hot water by deploying sustainable technologies that extract and repurpose heat directly from the ground or air.

Biomass energy

On-site biomass units are a cost-effective solution to turn cheap, accessible biofuels like waste wood into energy, cutting emissions and waste at the same time.

Combined heat and power (CHP)

An on-site CHP unit enables your business to generate energy, reduce energy costs, lower carbon emissions and boost efficiency by capturing and reusing waste heat.

Convert waste heat to energy

You can reduce energy costs and emissions by trapping unused heat and converting it into clean, renewable electricity with Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology.

Heat and power systems

We can design, build and manage other heat and power systems, including energy from waste (EfW) and combined cycle gas turbines (CCGT) plants.

Document and pen

Making the most of energy tax exemptions

Using energy from low-carbon sources can earn you exemption from the Climate Change Levy (CCL) energy tax. This tax is added to the energy invoices of any commercial business using 33kWh+ of electricity or 145kWh+ of gas a day. Businesses using energy from renewables could qualify for tax relief.

Solar panel

Selling the energy you generate

Businesses can create a new revenue stream by selling any excess energy they produce back to the grid. This can be done by selling energy from on-site generation technology, or by storing energy gathered from the grid at low-volume times, and selling it back at peak times.

battery cell

Optimising energy consumption

There are growing opportunities for businesses of all sizes to help our national grid balance supply and demand, both nationally and locally. In partnership with E.ON, we can help you make the most of on-site generation, Demand Side Response and battery storage. Benefits include greater resilience, lower energy costs, and the possibility to sell energy back to the grid.

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