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About us

At npower Business Solutions, we provide energy contracts that support business aims for security and stability in a volatile marketplace, plus a range of flexible products and services designed to help our customers better understand and manage their energy consumption.

As a leading player in the business energy market, we have the knowledge and technology to help businesses build resilience and profitability while lowering their carbon impact.

We know that every business has different priorities and problems to solve. We’re here to make sure you’re given the insight and support you need to push your plans forward.


npower Business Solutions Foundation

The npower Business Solutions Foundation is a community fund that’s helping not-for-profit and educational organisations create stronger, greener and more sustainable local communities.

With a maximum funding opportunity of up to £100,000 available, we’re looking for community-focused projects within a 50-mile radius of our two offices in Solihull and Leeds to help support.

Are you taking measures to improve the environment? Making efforts to forge stronger community bonds? Encouraging responsible business? Championing local skills? Or generating local employment opportunities?

Then you could be eligible for a grant.

Empowering businesses to reach net zero

We believe that the UK’s net zero vision can only be achieved through a common understanding and collective action. 
We can move faster together.

We’re dedicated to equipping businesses with the knowledge and tools to reach their decarbonisation goals. From energy reduction solutions to generation, we’re pushing for a greener future, today.

The UK’s number one business electricity supplier

We work with you

We’ve worked alongside more than 20,000 businesses in multiple industries, helping them rethink energy and achieve their goals.

As one of the UK’s leading energy suppliers, we possess an in-depth understanding of the complex energy marketplace, as well as the knowledge and skills to build and supply innovative energy solutions that work


We power more large 
business meters than any other UK supplier


Our New Connections team, has worked with businesses for more than 20 years, and connects over 1,000 meters p.a.

We have built up a trusted relationship with nBS over a number of years and they have become one of our key partners for our portfolio as we look to diversify our risk across a number of different off-takers. Key to this relationship is the level of service, from sales and trade execution via the Optimisation Desk to payments by the Settlements Team. The process is embedded and can be trusted to deliver the value expected by us here at Infinis.

Jon Crouch, Head of Commercial Development at Infinis

No matter what, you can be sure we’re here for the duration

Growing all the time

In 2021, npower Business Solutions was purchased by E.ON, allowing us to combine the best aspects of two industry leaders into one bespoke business, catering to all large and corporate business energy requirements.

Find out more about the solutions we offer below.


Our Solutions

Energy purchasing for Large Businesses

Business energy contracts that just make sense. We offer simple, dependable fixed energy contracts designed to save time and make balancing your budget straightforward.

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Energy purchasing for Corporates

We offer a sophisticated approach to buying energy, providing a range of flexible contracts, tools, technology and insight that you need to shape and optimise your ideal business energy strategy. 

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Energy purchasing for Consultants

We offer a range of energy contracts to suit every type and size of business, providing different levels of certainty and control to suit your different customer needs. 

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Managing usage

Accurate, reliable, and fuss-free metering services. No hidden charges, and you don’t even need to be an energy customer of ours.

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Energy efficiency

Our specialist software platform and tools can give you in-depth insight into the energy you use, and where you can save. Analyse consumption, implement data-informed efficiency projects, and empower your push to decarbonisation.

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Clarify your energy reporting responsibilities with the help of our compliance specialists, and avoid penalties for missed reporting deadlines.

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