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Accomplish your net zero ambitions

Better energy management is most businesses’ number one priority, and first step, on the road to net zero.

Our powerful energy data analytics enables you to identify and implement the actions that will have the maximum impact on emissions, allowing you to reduce energy usage costs and future-proof your business.

Through intelligent insights, we make your data actionable, enabling you to visualise the path to reducing waste and improving efficiency.


Pinpoint cost savings

Intelligent Analytics is an easy-to-use energy management platform that lets you visualise, track and analyse your electricity consumption. You can also customise features and reporting, set alarms and compare sites; to help maximise efficiencies and reduce your costs and carbon emissions.


Maximising insight

As part of the E.ON Group, we can offer customers access to sophisticated new sub-metering technologies and monitoring options.

Our market-leading monitoring systems enable you to extract real-time consumption data from specific business operations. With our online energy monitoring platform, your data can then be transformed into actionable insights, allowing you to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy related carbon emissions.

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Embracing the quick wins

Five top tips to help your organisation along its net zero strategy

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How do you score?

The essential checklist for optimising your portfolio’s energy usage

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The Energy Security Bill

Everything you need to know

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Accredited metering solutions from an industry leader

Our comprehensive range of metering services are designed to help decision-makers optimise their organisation’s energy usage, as well as reduce energy costs.
With over 25 years’ experience, we currently manage more than 110,000 meter points. So whether it’s installing and maintaining advanced metering systems, or providing data collection and data aggregation (DC/DA) services for your half-hourly and AMR meters, we can help.
Our services are available nationwide, even to those using a different energy provider, and come with all the benefits you would expect from a best-in-class supplier: transparent invoicing, expert support and, with an all-inclusive cost structure, the promise of no hidden expenses or call-out charges. This ensures metering charges are clear from the outset.


Mandatory metering services

Crucially, we’re one of the few major energy providers accredited as a meter agent, by Elexon. This enables us to fulfil both supply and metering requirements, including data gathering for HH (half-hourly meters).

Meter Operator (MOP)

As your Elexon-accredited meter operator (MOP), we can install and maintain advanced metering systems - equipped with the latest remote communications technology - across your energy portfolio. New meters can be installed within 10 working days - fewer with our market-leading Power on in 5 service.

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Data Collector (DC)

For precise billing and invaluable insights to help inform your business’ energy management strategies, we can collect and validate consumption data from your HH (half-hourly) meters. This ensures you’re always billed accurately.

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Data Aggregator (DA)

We are also accredited by Elexon to carry out data aggregation services. This means passing your consumption data to Elexon to aggregate it for settlement purposes, before it’s used by your supplier to compile accurate invoices.

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The next generation of metering

To enable a more responsive, low-carbon energy system and net-zero future, the government now requires all businesses to upgrade to the next generation of smart Automated Meter Reading (AMR) meters, allowing them to better track and manage consumption.
The benefit of these new meters over traditional, manually-read ones is that consumption data can be extracted electronically and sent to our intelligent energy monitoring platform, keeping both suppliers in the loop regarding energy usage.

Smart meter targets

Maximising Insight

Automated Meter Reading (AMR) Meters

AMR meters automatically collect HH (half-hourly meter) consumption data, providing accurate insight and equipping your business with the tools to better manage your energy consumption and reduce waste. Your invoices are based on actual consumption rather than estimated readings.

Streamlined Consumption

Smart metering update

At the present time, we are not able to support the functionality of electricity or gas smart meters. However, we can install AMR meters to help our customers track their energy usage and utilise these insights to make efforts towards reducing costs and environmental impact where possible.

We can work closely with you to discuss the installation and operation of advanced AMR, allowing you to make the most of your energy usage data. We know that some clients are interested in having a second-generation (SMETS2) smart meter installed. Although we currently don’t offer SMETS2 installation or management, you can register your interest below and we’ll be in touch if and when this changes.


Sub metering

When you have a large site, or operate multiple activities, pinpointing how and where you use energy and how best to target efficiencies can be challenging. Sub-metering enables you to monitor and target different areas, such as machinery, refrigeration, and lighting, individually, giving you a minute view of your usage at every level. Sub-metering technology also provides access to your consumption data in real-time, rather than every half hour.

Number Five

New Meters

If you need a new energy supply for your business, we can install gas and electricity meters, with a fast-track service that can have you connected within five working days*

(*Power in five days is based on availability and subject to additional cost. Connections will be five working days from contract agreement.)


Unmetered Supplies (UMS)

If you have a piece of standalone equipment that requires power but is too small to have its own meter, such as street lighting, traffic lights or an advertising billboard, we can help to arrange power connection and supply.


Radio Teleswitch (RTS) meters

RTS meters use a device alongside your electricity meter to pick up radio signals and switch between peak and off peak times when providing your heating and hot water.

In June 2025, RTS meters will be switched off across the energy industry. This means that they will lose their functionality and no longer be operable.

If you have a RTS meter, please email us to arrange a site survey, meter exchange, or if you have any question about your meter(s).

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