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Fixed contracts you can tailor

With npower Business Solutions (nBS), you can fix your energy commodity price and choose how you pay for the rest of your invoice.

Our Fixed range provides a simple, transparent way to secure energy supply at a pre-agreed rate for up to five years. There are options for how you pay the non-commodity elements of your invoice, for a mid-term review of electricity pricing, and you can also choose renewable electricity or carbon off-setting for gas.


  • Budget certainty
  • Transparency
  • Tailored options
  • Straightforward management
COMMODITY COST Fixed Fixed Fixed Flexible
NETWORK CHARGES Fixed Pass Through Fixed Options to fix or pass through
ENVIRONMENTAL CHARGES/LEVIES Fixed Pass Through Choice of Pass Through options Options to fix or pass through
COMMODITY COST Fixed Fixed Flexible
TRANSPORTATION CHARGES Fixed Pass Through Options to fix or pass through
METERING CHARGES Fixed Pass Through Options to fix or pass through

Fixed: Certainty explained

Fixed: Certainty is our most straight-forward energy contract, providing maximum budget certainty. Ideal for businesses who need a predictable agreed price for their fuel.

Fixed: Commodity and Fixed: Choice explained

Fixed: Commodity and Fixed: Choice Our tailored contracts that offer more flexibility within an agreed, manageable framework. These contracts work well for businesses who want more choice around non-commodity payment options.

MultiPurchase explained

MultiPurchase. A simple, fixed term energy contract, allowing you to split your contract volume into multiple purchases. The MultiPurchase product provides you with the option to fix your energy prices at points throughout your contract term to limit the risk of market fluctuations but also benefit when prices fall.


Unlock new energy prices with Mid-Term Review

Want to fix your energy costs but don’t want to miss out if wholesale prices start to fall?

With Mid-Term Review, you now have the option to request and secure new prices prior to the midpoint of your contract. So, if the energy market experiences a downturn, you could take advantage of updated prices.

If you don’t secure new prices following a price review, your original contract will continue without any changes. It's all about giving you more control and potential savings. 

Mid Term Review is available with our Fixed Certainty contract for power and gas.


Energy trading, made easy 

Flex Portfolio Solutions is the easy way to explore into the complex wholesale energy market. With the help of our experienced Portfolio Managers, together we can create an energy buying strategy that minimises potential risk and enables you to take advantage of any dips in prices. 

Your Portfolio Manager will trade on your behalf, following the agreed strategy, so you won’t need to always keep up to date with the constant fluctuations of the market. We will keep you well informed with frequent market updates, risk reviews and performance reports.

It’s the perfect way to familiarise yourself with the technicalities of energy hedging, without taking on more than you can handle.



With net zero on the horizon, finding ways to reduce your emissions is more important than ever, which is why many UK businesses are opting for carbon-free supply.

Our UK Business Renewable energy provides independently verified sustainable power that’s fully compliant for zero-carbon GHG Scope 2 market-based reporting.

REGO Backed Renewable Energy

With our UK Business Renewable, you can reduce your carbon footprint, meet your environmental goals, and report zero emissions in your Scope 2 reporting. UK Business Renewable Energy is generated from renewable sources in the UK, backed by REGOs.

How do REGO certificates work?
Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGO) certificates provide evidence that a specific amount of electricity has been generated from renewable sources.
We match the power you consume by securing the corresponding number of REGO certificates, which are usually issued for each megawatt-hour (MWh) of renewable generation fed into the UK electricity system.


  • 100% renewable energy generated in the UK
  • Fully compliant with WRI GHG Protocol Scope 2 Guidance
  • EcoAct assurance stamp provides peace of mind that our products and processes are robust and compliant
  • Report zero-carbon emissions without any requirement for additional evidence
  • Renewable Energy Label to display on your site
  • Available with our fixed or flexible purchasing contracts

EcoAct assurance

The EcoAct assurance stamp gives you confidence that your supply is robustly backed by a sufficient amount of REGOs (from UK generation only) and can therefore be reported as zero-carbon emissions power. EcoAct carries out annual audits of our UK renewable products.

Renewable Energy Label

We will provide you with a Renewable Energy Label which you can display on your site to demonstrate your commitment to renewable energy.

EcoAct Assurance Stamp 2023

Find out how we can support your business’s sustainability targets with our UK renewable energy 

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