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A range of fixed and flexible energy products for your client base

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A simple, fixed term energy contract for power and gas, allowing our mutual customers to split their contracts into multiple purchases. With MultiPurchase they can fix their energy prices at different points throughout the contract term to limit the risk of market fluctuations and benefit when prices fall

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Access Flex

Designed especially for our valued consultants, its group purchasing framework allows you to access the wholesale power market on behalf of smaller customers who would not normally have sufficient consumption to do so on a standalone basis. It is simple to manage and you will receive full support from our market experts while using it

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Dedicated contacts

Our dedicated Pricing Executives will work closely with you on a regular basis to complete portfolio reviews, and ensure any queries are dealt with in a timely and efficient manner. 


Energy Insight

Watch our most recent Energy Insight webinar to understand the latest policy, market and business developments and the potential impact to your customers

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Industry and market news

Keep up to date with industry updates, from regulation to pricing

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Behind the data: latest wholesale energy price update

Understand the market drivers and pressures that impacted businesses last month

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A focus on commodity costs

Download our ‘part one’ report to learn where our energy comes from, and how it impacts what customers pay

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Energy Made Simple

Digest our series of straightforward reports, which explain all the key aspects of energy, helping you to become more informed about the power and gas your customers consume

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A focus on non-commodity charges

Understand why these charges make up around 60% of the total invoiced cost of power and 40% of gas, and what’s set to change

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Data protection

We stringently safeguard and protect any shared customer data, adhering to the latest data protection legislation.

Consultant Code of Practice

This helps us to ensure that we adhere to the highest possible standards when working in partnership with energy consultants and brokers, and always act in the best interests of our mutual customers.


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