Energy Insight webinar: 21 Sept 2022

Five energy experts share the latest insight in 50 minutes: Don’t miss it!

Energy Insight webinar: 21 Sept 2022

Five energy experts share the latest insight in 50 minutes: Don’t miss it!

No one would disagree that the energy market is a source of stress and uncertainty for consumers currently, and especially the many businesses struggling to remain competitive in the face of such huge price rises. 

To provide some insight into current situation, our next Energy Insight webinar on 21 September (at 2pm) brings together industry experts to explore what’s likely to happen to energy prices, supply and support this winter.

These specialists will aim to share the latest information to answer the following questions:

Will businesses get any support?

With a new prime minister in situ, we are hoping any support for business energy costs will be on the table by the 21 September. Dan Meredith, External Affairs Manager, will share the inside track on the government’s latest plans and policies throughout the coming months. 

Are blackouts – and even the potential of energy rationing – on the horizon? 

Our guest speaker Kyle Martin, Market Change Delivery Senior Manager from National Grid ESO, will share insights into the winter outlook for UK energy. He’ll also highlight the opportunities for businesses to participate in balancing services – and potentially generate some revenue from consumption flexibility. 

What will energy prices do?

While we (sadly) don’t have a crystal ball, Alistair Hope from our Optimisation Desk will share the key drivers impacting the wholesale energy markets as we go into the winter season, and what businesses should be looking out for.

What’s happening with energy market reform?

In response to calls for urgent energy market reforms, Policy Manager Matt Cullen will bring us up to speed on how the government’s major Review of Electricity Market Arrangements (REMA) is progressing, and what this is likely to mean for businesses.

What about other energy costs?

Mark Harland from our Industry Charging Team will talk about the impact of inflation and higher wholesale costs on the non-commodity charges added to business energy costs – and how this will impact what businesses pay now and over the next 12 months.

There will also be time to put your questions to our expert panel of presenters.

You can register here.

I look forward to seeing you on 21 September.  

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