New challenges and opportunities in the changing energy landscape

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We had a great turn-out for our webinar this week: Adapting your energy strategy: rising to new challenges and achieving energy goals.

Professionals from a variety of fields with responsibility for energy buying and management joined us to hear the latest developments and insights from the changing energy landscape.

If you missed it, you can access a free recording (details below). But first, here’s a brief overview of what was covered.

What the energy markets are doing

Sam Hill, Customer Portfolio Manager on our award-winning Optimisation Desk, provided a snapshot of:

  • Current market conditions and how the cost of energy commodities has changed during lockdown

  • What’s on the horizon and the key factors to keep an eye on

  • Why increased volatility in the Day Ahead and Within Day markets presents opportunities for businesses able to be flexible around consumption

  • The anticipated impact of Brexit and policy changes on future supply


Why Demand Side Response (DSR) is a growth area

Dan Jerwood, DSR Manager, then talked about recent developments in the DSR market including:

  • How DSR has evolved and new ways for consumers to participate

  • The ongoing impact of the energy trilemma in bringing new products to market

  • How to determine the level of flexibility that’s possible and practical for your business

  • Balancing revenue stacking with cost avoidance


Working towards net zero goals with limited budget

Finally Mark Burrows, Strategic Client Lead for Energy Solutions, shared how the many businesses he’s working with are adapting to the current situation, but with a renewed focus on net zero goals. He talked briefly about:

  • Using energy data to drive energy optimisation – and how to commercialise projects

  • Adapting energy/carbon saving strategies with limited capital expenditure

  • The role of behavioural change in delivering savings

  • Carbon offsetting as part of an overall strategy


If you missed it, you can access a full recording of the webinar here.

And if you have any questions, do please Get in touch or via your Client Lead (for existing customers).


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