Expert insight to support your energy strategy in turbulent times

Expert insight to support your energy strategy in turbulent times

As businesses return to work, the energy climate has changed and there are now plenty of new challenges – and also opportunities – to take into account.

In response to requests for help and advice from customers, we are hosting a webinar on Wednesday 22 July entitled Adapting your energy strategy: rising to new challenges and achieving energy goals.

Experts from our energy markets, demand side response (DSR) and energy solutions teams will guide you through this changing landscape, flag the key developments you need to be aware of, and then offer plenty of tips and insights into how to approach energy management to maximise cost savings over the coming months.

This one-hour webinar will include:

  • A look at how the energy market has changed during lockdown – and the key influences to watch out for

  • Why your energy purchasing approach and risk management strategy are more important than ever – and how flexibility is the best way to maximise cost savings

  • An overview of new and existing DSR opportunities – with pointers around what you need to consider before participating and the different ways DSR can be delivered

  • The main revenue-generating and cost-saving DSR products to be aware of – and why service stacking is key to getting the best returns

  • Why net zero goals are now becoming a key focus for growing numbers of large UK organisations

  • Examples of how some of these organisations are adapting, and the key steps and major barriers you need to understand

Join us on Wednesday 22 July at 10:30am for this one-hour webinar, which will include time for questions.

To register, please follow this link:

We look forward to connecting with you on 22 July.

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