21 June 2023 marked the UK’s ‘longest day’, with approximately 17 hours of daylight expected between sunrise and sunset. 

Any business who’s invested in on-site solar photovoltaic (PV) has good reason to join in some sun worshipping, with the recent bout of consistently bright and sunny weather boosting generation output.

Solar infographic (230623)If you’ve not yet joined their ranks, the government’s new Solar Taskforce is keen you do.

To help the UK increase its current >15GW of installed solar capacity fivefold to reach a target of 70GW
by 2035 – as set out in the government’s recently updated Security Energy Plan – the Taskforce is to
focus on supporting PV installations on ‘untapped’ commercial sites. 

Ground and floating installations also in scope
These include not just roof-top locations on warehouse, schools or offices, but also ground-mounted units in carparks, farms or wasteland, or floating installations in appropriate locations.

According to Taskforce co-lead and Chief Executive of Solar Energy UK Chris Hewett, installing solar power “is one of the best investments available, offering dramatic savings on energy bills and the opportunity to be paid for sending excess power to the grid.”

“The benefits can also be greatly enhanced by adding a battery storage system,” he adds.

More incentives needed
However, while more than one million homes have installed solar panels, the Taskforce believes that more incentives are required to deliver a similar uptake among commercial sites.

For example, the government is currently reviewing removing VAT from co-located battery storage assets.

Delays to grid connection are another barrier. To tackle this, the Taskforce is proposing to publish a solar roadmap next year to set out solutions to the common issues hampering wider uptake.

If your business is considering installing solar PV on your premises, you may find our free Energy Generators: Making the most of your generation asset guide helpful.

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