Download now: Expert views on the importance of independent generators to our energy future

The publication of the long-awaited Energy Act outlined how the UK government plans to deliver a more stable, sustainable and lower cost energy system.

What role will independent generators play in both meeting the demand for renewable power from businesses, and supporting the UK’s wider energy security and net zero ambitions? 

In a new report, ‘Independent Energy Generators: the key to energy security and net zero?’ we have gathered the views of leading industry experts:

  • Alex Asher, Senior Consultant at Cornwall Insight
  • Dr Grant Wilson from the Birmingham Energy Institute, University of Birmingham  
  • Vish Sharma, Head of Power Purchase Agreements at npower Business Solutions

They discuss the important contribution independent energy generators will make to net zero and energy security over the coming years, and what support is needed to accelerate the development of independent assets, while policy plays catch up with the renewables pipeline.


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