With the the cost of energy being a significant concern in recent years, the campaigns ahead of the 2024 General Election have seen policies around energy and net zero take centre stage for the main political parties.

However, whichever way the vote goes on 4 July, there are still concerns that net zero targets may be missed and deadlines scrapped, which could lead to it falling down the political agenda.

This podcast with Energy Live News, featuring Anthony Ainsworth, our Chief Operating Officer, explores the key non-negotiables for political parties, and the expectations of businesses from the next government when it comes to energy and net zero policies.



Red Tape Challenge

I also talked about the launch of a new campaign - our ‘Red Tape Challenge’ to the next government. On behalf of businesses, we want to cut through the noise, reduce red tape and put clear policy and pathways in place to support business and net zero.

At nBS, our mission has always been to ensure the voice of business is heard at the highest level. This year is a perfect opportunity to work with the next government to make sure its policies both give businesses the confidence to make the vital investments for net zero, and keep the UK on track to meet our targets for both net zero and energy security.

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