Would you like to understand what drives energy prices?

Would you like to understand what drives energy prices?

Almost certainly the answer is yes. Especially if your business consumes a lot of energy and, like the rest of the country, you are still smarting from the eye-watering prices we’ve seen over the past 18 months.

Most people will now have a far greater insight into the impact geopolitics can have on the market, and an understanding of the risks of relying so greatly on one main source for such a key commodity (i.e. Russian gas).

But do you know how much gas we in the UK imported from Russia? And why, when we produce so much renewable energy now, it’s made such a difference not only to the price we pay for gas, but also electricity too?

Answering key questions 

What about the performance of nuclear power stations in France. Why does this impact our energy prices in the UK?

In response to all these growing questions from business customers, we’ve produced a new report: 'Wholesale Energy Prices'.

Our aim is to demystify what, for many, is a complex and confusing picture. 

As well as looking at the key fundamental of supply versus demand, this report also explores why:

  • Japan’s decision to extend the lifespan of its nuclear power stations is good news for us
  • More renewable generation makes our relationship with China more important
  • Rainfall in Brazil impacts our gas prices
  • We are far more vulnerable to gas market volatility than our European neighbours
  • Asia’s economic output is important to our energy costs
  • The weather really is an important topic!

Take a more strategic approach

We also offer pointers for how to take a more proactive stance to securing your energy supply in the most effective way in current conditions.

You can download a free copy below.

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