What does the push for more solar power mean for independent generators?

What does the push for more solar power mean for independent generators?
In a previous blog, we looked at what the launch of the government’s new Solar Taskforce could mean for businesses considering investing in solar photovoltaic (PV) on their sites. 
At its first meeting, the Taskforce discussed the untapped potential of commercial solar assets - those on the rooftops of warehouses, car parks and commercial buildings as well as land-based arrays - in helping drive the growth of solar PV in the UK.
As we move to more renewable supply, we agree that solar power has a hugely important role to play.  Our business customers are increasingly asking for their energy supply to come from a renewable source, and solar is one of the most popular choices.
For existing independent solar generators, or those considering investing in a solar asset, this presents a real opportunity. 
One of the barriers to increasing the volume of solar, and any renewable, power on the UK’s electricity grid is the long-lead times for grid connections. While National Grid ESO recently announced targeted reforms to speed up connections to the electricity grid, with a strong ‘get on, get back or get out of the energy queue’ approach to root out so-called ‘zombie’ projects, this won’t happen overnight.
That is why independent energy generators will be so important to help meet corporate demand for renewable energy supply as they can sell their power directly to businesses via a fixed or flexible Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (CPPA). 
How independent generators are meeting business demand for renewable energy
Embedding independent energy generation into the UK’s wider energy infrastructure ultimately improves the reliability of our renewable energy supply, which is why energy generators will be crucial to support both business and UK energy resilience and accelerate the transition to net zero.
At npower Business Solutions (nBS), we are specialists in helping energy generators sell their power to business energy buyers.
Our expert team and range of CPPA solutions, which are backed by our market-leading Optimisation Desk, can help you find the best route to market for your power, helping to meet demand for cleaner energy from business energy users.
If you own or operate an energy asset, please contact our team. Alternatively, our guide, ‘Making the most of your generation assets’, looks at how to get started as an energy generator, and provides a topline view of the key benefits of fixed and flexible PPAs. 

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