Why businesses should be backing Net Zero

Why businesses should be backing Net Zero

As businesses await the UK government’s Net Zero Review, the Energy White Paper and further announcements on the policy that will shape our nation’s ‘Green Recovery’, there is hope that this autumn will provide a clear roadmap to net zero. But what do business energy users actually need that roadmap to include? And what opportunities exist for businesses who prioritise decarbonisation?

In this episode of The Future of Business Energy podcast, energy industry experts provide their thoughts on the UK’s net zero progress, discussing the legislative and infrastructure changes we’ve seen so far and examining what incentives and policies are needed to help businesses carve out their own road to net zero.

Join Michael Holder, deputy editor of BusinessGreen, Stuart Beasley, Head of Energy Solutions & Generation Services Sales at npower Business Solutions and Michael Byrne, Head of Marketing and Insight at npower business solutions as they drill down into the actions being taken to help the UK achieve and fund its ambitious low-carbon transition.

This episode provides actionable advice on the steps businesses can be taking to turn today’s changes into long-term opportunities, and provides insight into the benefits being seen by businesses that are ‘doing decarbonisation well’ - to answer the all-important question, ‘Why should businesses be backing net zero?’

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