Energy specialists of the future – is there a skills gap?

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Energy specialists of the future – is there a skills gap?

Concerns about skills in the UK energy market is nothing new. The industry continues to undergo rapid change – for energy managers, adapting is key. With overheads and investment at risk, however, the issue is strategically critical.

Developing the skills that are already within the industry to meet future demands is key. We must acknowledge the skills gap and prepare for continued change. Right across the spectrum, we need to share knowledge, celebrate best practice and inspire change. A joined-up approach is essential to tackle the skills mountain we face.

In this episode, we discuss the challenges presented by the UK’s skills deficit and explore possible solutions to bridge the gap. With the help of Dave Horton, Energy Specialist, npower Business Solutions, Energy HQ and Frank Gordon, Head of Policy from the Renewable Energy Association (REA), we review the latest initiatives, discuss best practice and propose hard-hitting strategies to tackle the skills deficit once and for all.

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