Energy trading, made easy: present Flex Portfolio Solutions

Energy trading, made easy: present Flex Portfolio Solutions

During a time where the energy market has experienced major volatility, businesses are considering how to minimise risk and reduce energy invoices. Energy hedging is one of the ways that can offer significant savings potential for businesses. By buying energy in advance, businesses can protect themselves against unexpected price spikes, capitalise on any drops in demand, and substantially lower their energy invoices.

However, energy prices can fluctuate based on a wide range of factors, so trading energy requires a familiarity with how the wholesale energy market works, as well as having the time to monitor any changes and how these could impact your business. As a result, many businesses often don’t participate in energy trading due to time constraints or a lack of in-house expertise. 

A tailored hedging strategy

To give businesses and energy consultants easy access to the world of energy trading, npower Business Solutions (nBS) has launched Flex Portfolio Solutions. This is a new offering, delivered by our market-leading Optimisation Desk, that allows our customers to access energy hedging on their terms, with a level of support that matches their expertise, time pressures and internal resources.

Flex Portfolio Solutions offers three options that allow businesses to choose whether they want to hedge their position independently, or delegate some or all of the decisions to one of our experienced energy experts. 

For those who prefer to delegate, a dedicated Portfolio Manager will create a tailored energy buying strategy that minimises potential risk and takes advantage of any dips in prices. The Portfolio Manager will buy energy on the customer’s behalf, following the pre-agreed strategy and based on calculated risk assessments. 

This opens the door of energy hedging to businesses that might have been previously unable to access it, allowing them to save on their energy invoices.

A flexible level of support

To trade successfully, it’s essential to stay up to date with the fluctuations of the energy market and regularly review the performance of the hedging strategy. With Flex Portfolio Solutions, businesses can simplify this process by choosing how to stay informed based on their needs and preferences. 

Regardless of the trading option selected, businesses can choose among three support levels – silver, gold and platinum – to decide the extent and frequency of the market updates, risk reviews and performance reports they’ll receive. 

These support levels all receive access to Risk Navigator, which is our online portal for energy market intelligence, position tracking and bespoke analysis, and range from receiving daily market updates to a more light-touch level of reporting.

An expert on your side

As Flex Portfolio Solutions is delivered by our award-winning Optimisation Desk, businesses will also have access to our specialist, dedicated expert team, who can provide real-time guidance to help businesses better manage their energy position, understand their risks and take advantage of any opportunities in the market.

We know that different organisations have a variety of complex energy needs that require bespoke support. By offering a range of flexible solutions that can adapt to anyone’s needs, Flex Portfolio Solutions allows businesses to stay in control of their hedging strategy, save time, minimise risk and maximise their saving potential.

If you want to find out more about Flex Portfolio Solutions, you can find a full overview of our offering here, or get in touch with our team for more information. 

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