Trusted partnership with nBS helps one of the UK’s leading generators to grow its renewable power portfolio

Trusted partnership with nBS helps one of the UK’s leading generators to grow its renewable power portfolio


Infinis’s Captured Landfill Methane (CLM) sites generate renewable power across multiple locations through extracting and combusting landfill methane, a naturally occurring gas, from the waste at landfill sites, utilising potent gases that would otherwise be a large contributor to global warming.

The power generated abates the global warming impact of the methane gas emissions and provides an efficient and secure source of local power generation.

The challenge is then maximising the revenue potential from the site, thereby allowing Infinis to grow its already mature portfolio of renewable generation.

Relationships and service is the key to success

Infinis has been a long standing partnership customer of npower Business Solutions (nBS), having worked together since 2014. In that time nBS and Infinis have established effective routes to the wholesale market for a number of Infinis’s landfill gas sites, as well as helping the generator to maximise the revenue of the associated Renewables Obligation Certificates (ROCs) and Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGOs) that derive from the power generated.

Infinis and nBS’s teams of Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) experts have worked together to ensure that the PPA fits the needs of the site, from fixed priced deals post commissioning, to fully flexible PPAs that enable Infinis to access nBS’s award-winning Optimisation Desk, driving value via risk management services, timely market intelligence and access to the wholesale market.

Of critical importance is ensuring that the production of statements and the subsequent payments to Infinis are accurate and timely. The nBS Settlements Team works closely with the team of experts at Infinis to ensure that this process works efficiently and to very short timescales, on a monthly basis.

Jon Crouch, Head of Commercial Development at Infinis commented: “We have built up a trusted relationship with nBS over a number of years and they have become one of our key partners for our portfolio as we look to diversify our risk across a number of different off-takers. Key to this relationship is the level of service, from sales and trade execution via the Optimisation Desk to payments by the Settlements Team. The process is embedded and can be trusted to deliver the value expected by us here at Infinis.”

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