While many businesses are comfortable with tackling the ‘direct’ emissions covered by Scope 1 and 2, Scope 3 is a much more complex area to address.

Reporting on all Scope 3 emissions is not yet compulsory for UK businesses. However, as we progress towards net zero, businesses will need to start looking at emissions across their entire supply and value chain, which is where Scope 3 comes in. This webinar features experts who will help you gain a greater understanding of what this means and how it impacts your business.

Guest speaker Lucy Pickett, Senior Global Sustainability Manager, from Roche who will also share how her company is approaching the issue, with a renewable energy initiative that provides their supply chain with access to carbon-free power.

Wherever you sit in the value and supply chain, this webinar will provide insight and understanding around the role these emissions play in your net zero journey – and how you might start managing them.



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