nBS helped save £100,000 off Celtic Manor Resort’s energy invoices

nBS helped save £100,000 off Celtic Manor Resort’s energy invoices


The prestigious Celtic Manor Resort in Wales, includes championship golf courses, luxury spas, four and five star hotels, and was home to the Ryder Cup in 2010.

When npower Business Solutions (nBS) first started working with the resort, it had 400 bedrooms, extensive golfing and conference facilities, and an annual energy invoice of £1 million.

The owner’s initial request was for nBS to investigate its energy usage and to provide solutions for reducing its invoices.

How did nBS help the resort cut its energy invoices?

The resort was split into three cost areas for energy management. An Automatic Monitoring and Targeting (aM&T) system of 21 meters was installed, and following a six-week benchmarking period, weekly site meetings were held in order to identify ‘quick wins’.

nBS then identified a high base load at the golf club. A night-time visit revealed a switch-off procedure needed to be implemented and bespoke energy saving training for staff.

Detailed analysis revealed a lack of correlation between occupancy and energy consumption which was traced back to a faulty Business Management System (BMS). Additional initiatives included the monitoring of air handling units and the introduction of a heat pump timer.

At the golf club, proactive alarming helped to maintain savings, air handling units were improved and a faulty BMS system was fixed at the main resort, providing further opportunities for savings.

Why did it work so well?

Easy to use, intuitive software and a close working relationship between employees from both companies led to immediate savings for the customer.

The results

The resort saved £100,000 off its annual energy invoices, freeing up money which could be reinvested elsewhere.

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