nBS delivers ESOS compliance for a major high street supermarket chain

nBS delivers ESOS compliance for a major high street supermarket chain


A leading UK supermarket chain with more than 500 retail outlets, along with in-house manufacturing and distribution sites, looked to npower Business Solutions (nBS) for help with its ongoing energy management activities.

Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) compliance was a necessary step for the supermarket, but one that was seen as an opportunity to identify further energy conservation measures (ECMs) across its portfolio.

The scale, variety of building types and geographical spread of properties was seen as a challenge in ensuring that the ESOS compliance process was undertaken correctly, in a timely manner and aligned to existing energy management plans. To combat this, nBS was selected to undertake the entire process; from site selection through to auditing and reporting.

In total, 44 site audits were carried out across a selection of UK sites over a three month period, inclusive of a full transport audit. Compliant reports and an evidence pack were then developed by the in-house Energy Management Team at nBS.

Mark Burrows, Technical Energy Solutions Manager at nBS explains: “We were the natural choice for our customer to partner with in undertaking ESOS. Our ability to quickly resource, manage and deliver compliance efficiently was a key consideration, complemented by our existing knowledge of our customer’s sites, being its incumbent electricity supplier."

A number of ECMs were identified throughout the audit process as well as an indication of selfgeneration options, such as solar photovoltaic (PV), Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and Demand Side Response (DSR) opportunities, and many of the ideas presented by nBS have already featured in the supermarket’s ongoing energy reduction activities, with larger-scale projects in the planning and testing phases.

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