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Business Energy Tracker 2023

The voice of businesses on the future of energy 

As the UK’s largest business energy provider, we want to help UK businesses be in charge of their energy future.

Our annual Business Energy Tracker report helps us take the pulse of what businesses need, both from us and from policy, so we can provide concrete solutions to help them meet their energy requirements. It gathers the views of 100+ large businesses on energy landscape pressures, and how policymakers can support. This second edition details changes since last year and what the UK’s energy future might look like.

Business Energy Tracker report

The voice of UK businesses

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Key business energy concerns, net zero investment constraints and desired support. Find out more in the 2023 report.


Insights at a glance

On the go? Our summary video covers the report highlights, main business concerns, and changes from last year. 

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Open letter to the government

Along with industry representation, we’ve shared results and asked the government to respond.

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2022 results

We’re already taking action to tackle the challenges highlighted by the 2022 Business Energy Tracker report, and we’re committed to doing the same, year after year.


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We offer a range of products to help you manage energy efficiently and accelerate your journey to net zero. Get in touch with our team to find out more.

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Our free Net Zero Calculator can help businesses shed light on their current energy usage and carbon emission levels. Through simple guided questions, it will highlight potential areas for improvement and green technologies that might help.

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