Filling the Net Zero skills gap

Many of us are watching with interest to see how the government plans to deliver on its net zero emissions commitment by 2050.

A white paper is expected anytime now to set out a more concrete roadmap.

But already, we are seeing a lot of interest from companies looking to upskill their workforce with energy management skills.

Indeed, we’ve also had interest from senior government figures for this week’s launch of a new Junior Energy Management Apprenticeship at the House of Lords.

A shortage of energy management skills has long been an issue for UK businesses – and demand for these skills is only set to increase, as meeting more stringent carbon reduction targets becomes mandatory.

That’s why this comprehensive 24-month energy management course is now included in the range of vocational apprenticeships that qualify for government funding.

Only Ofsted-approved providers can offer apprenticeship training. So having developed the Junior Energy Manager course and content as part of our suite of Energy Managers Qualifications, we have now licensed delivery via an experienced apprenticeship training partner, Group Horizon.

As well as hearing from Group Horizon’s Managing Director Peter Behan at this week’s launch, we are also delighted to welcome support from Lord Redesdale, who heads up the Energy Managers Association (EMA).

Both are keen to emphasise how important energy management skills are to the UK successfully transitioning to a low-carbon future.

If you want to find out how your business can benefit from funding for the Junior Energy Manager Apprenticeship, drop us an email to, or visit

Any employee – current or perspective – has the potential to qualify, and there is no age limit either.

For support for existing staff in energy management roles, we also offer a range of resources via our downloads page.

Once we know more about what will be expected from businesses once the government has outlined its plans for delivering net zero, we will bring you an update.

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